“When we came to Japan in 2012, IJCC members were invaluable with their advice on setting up operations here including pitfalls to avoid and introductions to potential country managers” 

HKI Japan Limited – IJCC Corporate Member. 


“When I first arrived in Japan, I knew very few people and joining the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce helped me quickly build my business and social network. Everyone I met was very friendly and happy to make introductions to others in their network. It made it so much easier to settle in Tokyo knowing that many of my fellow IJCC members were long time Japan residents and were willing to share their experience with me.” 

Pat Ryan, Director, Kyoto Vista Global Ltd. – IJCC Professional Member. 


"I had not met anyone from Ireland in Japan before my first Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce event. Within a few months of attending that event, I had met many friendly and interesting people with a connection to Ireland living in Japan. I also had had the opportunity to meet with some great people from the British and American Chambers of Commerce and the European Business Council. My experience of Tokyo has been enriched by the IJCC's events and activities. I have benefited greatly from the strong sense of camaraderie within the Chamber and have received some excellent advice and support in my professional endeavors from its members." 

David Morris, Global Business Manager, Passlogy Co., Ltd. – IJCC Professional Member.