Event Report: Briefing on EU Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

The EU Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will enter into force on February 1st 2019.

Together, the economies of Japan and the EU make up 30% of the world's GDP. 

Members of the Chamber gathered in Ireland House and listened to insights from Bjorn Kongstad of the European Business Council in Japan. Bjorn provided us with the background and context to the agreement to help us prepare for the implementation.  
Bjorn covered a number of topics including the elimination of tariffs, rules of origin, public procurement, geographical indications etc. You'll be happy to know that "Irish Cream" and "Irish Whiskey" are now recognised in Japan as official geographical indications.

Please find the presentation from the evening here

The website for the agreement is: 

And for more information on the agreement:

The IJCC are members of the EBC. Bjorn and the EBC are happy to assist our members with any questions they have on the agreement. Please contact the IJCC secretariat office if you have any questions.