Event Report: Third Thursday with the BLCCJ

On the 20th of July, the IJCC held our regular Third Thursday event at Peter Cole in Nishi Shinjuku with members and friends from the BLCCJ!

We were delighted to have over 50 attendees throughout the evening filling one of the largest Irish pubs in Tokyo! It was a joy to see members connecting across Chambers and sharing their experiences in Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan.

We were joined by BLCCJ Director Samuel Blondel, General Manager Sophie Bocklandt and Executive Assistant Akiko Itoh. Many thanks to the BLCCJ and IJCC members and friends for making the event a success!

Both Chambers had special raffle prizes for our meishi draw - 2 bottles of The Busker Irish whiskey, with exclusive The Busker tote bags to carry them home with and 2 bottles of luxurious Réserve Royale Belgian beer. Many thanks to The Busker, IJCC Platinum Sponsor, for their very generous prize donations. Congratulations to our lucky winners of the night!

We hope to you see at our next one in August with the SCCIJ.

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