Welcome to our new intern Khunn Kyal Sin Kyaw

Hi! My name is Khunn, and I am truly excited to share that I have just joined IJCC team as an Intern for the summer of 2023.

I was born and raised in Myanmar, and moved to Japan in 2018 to pursue my university education. I am now a fourth year student at Waseda University, majoring in Social Sciences. With a keen interest in leveraging the power of networking and effective communication to propel businesses forward, I am thrilled to have found a community that shares my passion. 

Getting to know about the gorgeous country of Ireland was through my childhood favorite singer, Niall Horan, so in a way, Ireland has always been the one place I want to explore more about. Hopefully I get to learn more about Irish culture and visit the country one day. 

I am looking forward to contribute to IJCC by bringing my experience, energy and new perspectives to the team, and help achieve the team's missions more efficiently. 


Here is my LinkedIn!