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DELSOLE Corporation


Our company was founded in 1964. This was the year of the Tokyo Olympics which became the springboard for the westernization of people’s lifestyles and with it an opportunity for us to introduce and pioneer the pizza industry. We have since continued to develop specialty and ethnic breads from around the world to further enhance the dining experience of the Japanese people. Our products are found in supermarkets and retail stores throughout the country as well as in western style restaurants. In 1991, we acquired Tokyo Delica Corp. in order to expand our retail sales. The company was listed on the JASDAQ exchange in 1993. In 2003, we merged with Comsa‐net, the restaurant group chain, formerly a subsidiary of Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan and we continue to develop a variety of cuisines to delight the Japanese palate. We acquired Shanghai Express, the Chinese home delivery chain in 2009 from Yoshinoya.

Our mission is to introduce the best specialty and ethnic bread products from around the world to the Japanese market for the enrichment of society. Our food service business endeavors to surprise and delight our customers with authentic Japanese cuisine with a creative flair.