Business relations between Ireland and Japan celebrated in a unique way

  • Ginza Waters

To celebrate another successful year, and to commemorate the long history of Ireland Japan relations, the IJCC commissioned a cocktail to be created for our Business Awards. This cocktail was served for the first time ever at the IJCC Ireland Japan Business Awards on November 25th.

An award winning Irish mixologist created “A Ginza Waters” - which combines the best of Irish whiskey with the best of Japanese sake.

The name of the cocktail references an Irishman, Thomas Waters. He was a civil engineer and architect form Co Offaly in Ireland. He lived for a period in Japan where he was appointed by the Meiji Government as Surveyor General. The contribution that he's most famous for is the rebuilding of the Ginza neighbourhood after it was destroyed by fire in 1872. The street layout and the Georgian design of many of the buildings can be traced back to his influence.


  • 40ml Connemara Irish Whiskey
  • 20ml Sake
  • 10ml Lemon
  • 5ml Gum Syrup


Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake. Serve in a salted-rim glass and garnish with a slice of Lemon. Kanpai!