Event Report: Insights from the GEAC 2023 Report

On 21st February, the IJCC were delighted to cohost with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCIFJ) along with 7 other Chambers on a event centred on gender equality and women empowerment.

It was a special honour to have Samia Jamai from the FAJ Association (Faciliter l'Ambition des Femmes au Japon) share her findings from the recent 2023 report released by the Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC). Samia also shared insightful studies on the incredible work done by organisations locally in Japan, Kenya, Iceland and many other countries worldwide. She highlighted the importance of gender diversity being reflected in the highest levels of decision-making to affect impactful change in organisations, businesses, communities and society at large.

There still remains a long road ahead to equality, as reflected in the statistics shared during the evening. However, in the findings shared, it was clear that placing the power in the hands of those affected by the inequalities, allowed gender minorities a seat at the table and the ability to empower themselves and their community.

After the presentation, the room broke into smaller groups to discuss ongoing or new ideas for initiatives around gender equality and how they could be implemented. There was a great buzz throughout and the passion participants had for the topic was palpable.

The event then concluded with networking free time over food and drink.

A very warm thanks to Samai for sharing your time and expertise with us and a special thank you to CCIFJ for organising the event and providing the space to open the dialogue on this important piece of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.