Event Report: Third Thursday with the PCCIJ

On 19th October, the IJCC held our regular Third Thursday event at IJCC Corporate member Irish Pub An Sólás. 

This month we were delighted to invite members and friends of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (PCCIJ). 

Warmest thanks to PCCIJ Chairperson Piotr R. Suszycki, Vice Chairperson Masanori Tonegawa and to all PCCIJ members and friends who attended our first Polish-Irish only joint Chamber event! 

Once attendees were settled with a few drinks, IJCC Advisor Eamonn Murphy shared some opening remarks, followed by Piotr, who shared a few words from the PCCIJ. Thanks to our PCCIJ friends, we had 4 special prizes for our meishi draw on the evening - 2 bottles of beautiful Żubrówka Polish vodka and 2 bottles of the fantastic Busker Irish whiskey. Congratulations to all of our lucky winners! 

Thank you to our IJCC members, supporters, and friends of the Ireland-Japan community who came out on a busy Thursday evening to support our event. We were delighted to see many new faces and we hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did. 

We hope to see you at our Third Thursday on February 2024 with the FCCJ!