Member Focus - H+K International

Could you give us an overview of your company?

H+K International is a leading supplier of kitchen equipment to the food service industry. We provide total restaurant solutions, incorporating manufacturing, logistics, after sales service and project management with over 1,500 employees world-wide. Customers include McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway. We have been operating in Japan since 2012, originally serving west Japan, now expanded supply to all 47 prefectures.

What is your company's connection to Ireland?

H+K International is Irish owned. Originally started in Canada, Irish based directors led a management buyout in 2002.

How did your company first become involved in the IJCC?

When we established our Japan operations, IJCC members gave invaluable assistance and advice on setting up here.

What areas of growth do you see for your company (or sector) in the next 12 to 24 months?

Covid19 concerns have accelerated the necessity for our customers to manage increased order volume through Drive-Thru, Delivery, Mobile order and other means. We are providing innovative capacity expansion solutions to support this.

What changes have you noticed in the Ireland Japan relationship over recent times?

Although not our direct business, it is encouraging to see customers in Japan increasing their purchase of Irish Beef. IJCC are making great use of Zoom this year, so it is nice that members in Ireland (and outside Tokyo) can now attend many events. Rugby World Cup was significant for mutual name recognition. Those bonds will surely develop for a long time.


Contact: Andy O’Doherty

Andy is General Manager of H+K International in Japan, and is also a board member of the IJCC. He is happy to discuss experiences of managing a small subsidiary company in Japan with IJCC members.