Welcome DELSOLE Corporation to the Chamber

The IJCC is delighted to welcome DELSOLE Corporation as our newest corporate member.

Commenting on the decision to join the IJCC, CEO of DELSOLE Corporation Takeshi Okawara said:

“Takeshi Okawara, CEO of DELSOLE Corporation, was educated in a Catholic school.

During my time in Catholic school, the father who was most indebted to me was from Ireland, and I have always felt an affinity for Irish Culture and national character with my sincere respect.

As one of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, we are administering our own charity program called "Forget-me-not Project" with which we have continued to support the Great East Japan Earthquake since 2014. This project has been held at the "I Love Ireland Festival" every March for several years now. Today we have more opportunities to come in contact with Irish people, both publicly and privately, to strengthen our ties and friendship.  We would very much like to continue to deepen our knowledge of culture and industry by joining the IJCC, and as a member, through many activities and events, we hope that we could contribute to the development of bilateral relations.”

To find out more, please visit https://www.del-sole.co.jp/en/

Welcome DELSOLE Corporation to the chamber!