Welcome to our new intern Shalini Ranasinghe

Dia dhuit, greetings!

I am Shalini Ranasinghe, a dedicated third-year student at Tokyo International University, majoring in International Relations. My profound interest lies in the realms of diplomacy and economics, driving my aspiration to embark on an internship journey with the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce. I am also an accomplished international Chess player, representing Sri Lanka across various Asian and World Youth Chess championships. My academic journey has honed my grasp of global dynamics, igniting a practical application of this knowledge. 

Enthusiastically, I seek to contribute my skills to event management and research, harnessing my analytical acumen and intercultural insights to nurture collaboration and amplify business connections. Embracing the Chamber resonates perfectly with my ambitions, offering an avenue to create a meaningful impact while immersing myself in a new cultural context. I eagerly anticipate the prospect of contributing to the Chamber's endeavours and furthering my personal and professional growth. 

Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shalini-ranasinghe-208835242/